Saturday, June 10, 2017


Hello Weekend! 
How I have really missed you so! Okay, enough with the dramatics. 
This week really wasn't that bad because I had a few great days in between! 
It's June, which means summer and if you live or work in NYC you know that means rooftop parties! If you love seeing the NYC buildings from the ground then wait until your way up high in 
"The City That Never Sleeps." 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
Wednesday I went to Carnegie Hall Tower to enjoy a Summer Soiree for Sebago. 
Sebago is an American Michigan-based company that has a wide variety of upscale boating and deck shoes, outdoor shoes and some dress shoes. 
Once I walked out the elevator I went straight for the tacos! 
Honestly, what could be better than free Tacos & Margaritas! 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
Oh yeah, being surrounded by shoes doesn't hurt. Wink Wink. 

My good friend Cat who I've mentioned in my A Current Affair post came along with me to the Soiree. We always have the best time together when it comes to mingling with people we don't know. 
After inhaling our amazing food to quiet the talking of our starving stomachs from a long day at the office we browsed the tables of amazing shoes for Sebago's new collection. 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
It could have been the summer air or the one margarita I had but I could have sworn I hear these shoes calling my name. 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
Get it?! I made a funny! Oh, you know it was a good one!

We both had such an amazing time and honestly couldn't pass up this perfect photo opp.  


Tuesday, May 30, 2017


 This Memorial Weekend was a perfect opportunity to get away from NYC, go out farther on Long Island and visit new places I haven't been before. I think it's a great idea to do something out of your comfort zone and not your usual weekend routine. It's kind of a reset button for me.
I went on a little road trip with Brian and his family to Greenport Long Island to go hiking and wine tasting. Yes, we did both in one day! 
Hiking on Long Island is nothing like hiking in the Adirondacks. It's flat, so think of it as just a walk through nothing but beautiful greenery and finding your way to the ocean. 
We went to Inlet Pond County Park in Greenport. There is a pond but also the ocean is right behind it.
Once we reached the ocean, the mermaid in me was on cloud nine. 
There were some cool wooden structures that I honestly don't know how to describe them other than a start of a campfire for a giant. My imagination runs a bit wild haha.The beach itself was mostly rocks so not a spot to lay out a beach towel and bask in the sun but nevertheless, it was still gorgeous being out there seeing the clear water. We walked along the beach and I collected a few cool looking rocks. I was looking for sea glass but sadly no luck.After the hike, we went into town to get a bite to eat at the Salamander On Front Resturant
We sat at the bar and enjoyed the view of this cool art piece they had hanging up that you see when you first walk in.After lunch, we went wine tasting at a few wineries.
My favorite was the Shinn Estate Vineyards
They grow everything Holistically!
Before we got into town I did a quick change into my new favorite dress for summer that I bought 
We tried 4 different wines and my favorite one was definitely the Wild Boar Doe. 
I'm more of a dry red wine type of gal so even when we did try the white wines I looked like a baby who ate a sour patch kid!
This weekend was honestly the best. I wish it wasn't ending and that I could go around visiting more wineries, eat amazing food and stop by little shops that have cute baby chickens like these! 
Aren't they adorable! 
I wanted to take them home haha!

I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend as well! 
Would love to know in the comments what you guys did!


Saturday, May 6, 2017


On May 3rd, I was invited to attend the Spark Pretty "90's Forever" pop-up shop launch party. 
Spark Pretty is an online vintage retailer who I met at The Manhattan Vintage Show

Their shop is literally a 90's dream room! 
They have all the bells and whistles of the 90's including posters that I'm sure you may have had growing up. A blow up Plastic Couch that looks like a gummy bear, high heeled shoe chair, Troll dolls, Spice Girls Barbie dolls and lots of candy! 

Dress: Lisa Victoria Vintage, Jacket: H&M, Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

I ended up walking away with this yellow-haired Troll doll. 
I never had one growing up and the little kid in me just couldn't let it go!
I literally was walking around for an hour holding it like a teddy bear!

The icing on the cake is the very large vintage clothing collection they have. 
The shop shows a lot more of their amazing collection of vintage finds compared to what they had at The Manhattan Vintage Show.

The eye-catching and probably one of my favorite pieces are the Tony Alamo denim jackets. 
The spark notes version of Tony Alamo was "He made Jackets for the Stars" and even though he was wanted by the FBI he still managed to design and sell in Melrose Avenue Boutiques. 
You can find pictures of Mr. T, Mike Tyson, Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus wearing these amazing jackets. 

Amanda Dolan & Meagan Colby are the badass duos behind the brand. 
Trust me, these two are just as fun as their outfits and the sweetest girls I've met! 

If you're in the NYC area you must check out their amazing shop!

Spark Pretty with be open till May 30th. 
Tuesdays-Sunday 12pm-9pm. CLOSED MONDAYS
333 East 9th Street (Between 1st & 2nd Aves) 
Check out their hashtag on Instagram #SparkPrettyPopUp for more picture of the shop! 


Monday, May 1, 2017

Growing Up Is Hard: But It's Worth It

Hello there. Nice to see you again. 
It's been a while I know, but let me fill you in. 
After only 4 months of 2017, I feel like I've changed into a new person once again. 
I entered 2017 going on unemployment. I started to feel low and had to learn how to force myself not to feel depressed and unmotivated. I didn't even want to see my friends at times. It was hard to do the simplest of things. Get dressed, put on makeup and walk out my apartment door. I wanted to just stay in my bed and hide in my room and do nothing. It seemed more appealing to stay at home and cry instead of going out and spending time with my amazing friends who knew how to make me laugh and loved me without any judgment. Don't worry, I didn't stay home. 
My mom ended up calling me in the middle of my self-sulking and told me to basically snap out of it. She asked...
Do you have a bed to sleep in? 
Me: Yes
Do you have a roof over your head? 
Me: Yes
Do you have food in your fridge? 
Me: Yes
Then you're fine, go out. 

It took just a call from my crazy mother (love you mom xox) to tell me that everything is fine and that I will be okay. And truthfully I was. Being asked those three things helped me realize I truly got this and I managed to create a daily routine for myself while being on unemployment and job searching. 

The two things that kept me sane were the gym and painting. Doing both things that made me happy and keep me in shape were the perfect mix of self-care I needed to help keep me in the mindset that everything is going to work out fine. And honestly, it really did. 

We all go through tough times and not everything is what it seems through our Instagrams. 
I've learned how to be mentally stronger because of this and I want you to know that no matter what, you got this! 
If things seem bad right now just know that they will get better soon. 
I promise. 

Keep Kicking Ass,

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Things To Do On A Snow Day

I'm not Particularly a fan of winter or the snow but I honestly love a good snow day.
When you're trapped inside with nowhere to go it's time to take full advantage of this day by treating yourself to some self-care!
So, I decided to create a list of some of my favorite things to do.

Paint Your Nails!

Take off that old chipped color and freshen up with a new one.
Can't settle on one? Use them all! You have 10 fingers.

Read A Book!
I just started reading "It's Not Me It's You" By Mhairi McFarlane and I'm obsessed so far!
It's about a woman named Delia who proposes to her long term boyfriend of ten years, he says yes and minutes later she gets a text from him saying "Oh god, Delia wants to Marry me" to Delia, by mistake...

Open your Birchbox! 
I just received my March box in the mail right in time before the snowstorm and got to spend my morning by playing with all the items I received. Use my link to get yours! Who cares if you're stuck inside. Take the time to feel good and look good. I even wore a winged eyeliner while wearing thermal pajamas all day.

Paint or Draw!
I recently got back into my old love for drawing and painting. It's honestly been the best form of therapy for me. I haven't been as depressed or had that much anxiety since I started painting again. It's fun to just paint and create something from your head. It doesn't even need to be a person or an object. It could just be random brush lines! There are no rules in art and that's what makes it stress-free and fun!

Online Shop!
After you took the time to get dolled up, love yourself and feel like the beautiful woman that you are, why not treat yourself to some online shopping! Spring is here and many of us our changing out or clothes and home decor. Feel like your walls are feeling plane or need a pop of color to your space?
Why not check out my Etsy shop filled with beautiful Illustrations!
In the spirit of a snow day I decided to give a 30% discount!
Score!!! Just use the code SNOWDAY30 at checkout!
Today only!

Remember babes,
Always take the time to take care of yourself.

Keep kicking ass

Saturday, February 4, 2017


I was recently invited by the amazing team at Manhattan Vintage to attend their show in Manhattan on Friday Feb. 3rd. 
With my love for vintage fashion you know I couldn't say no! 

When you first walk in there's a Jean-Paul Gaultier: Lingerie Through The Ages exhibit that shows gorgeous Vintage Lingerie.

As I walked up the white stairs, I immediately fell in love again with the familiar smell of the clothing from the past with untold stories and style that one may think is long forgotten. 

La Poubelle Vintage
When I go to any vintage show I go in without a plan as to what I'm looking for. It's more of a feeling, a vibe some may call it that draws me to the booths themselves and the amazing vendors that are there. 

La Poubelle Vintage
Swift & Faire Co.
Each booth is different from the next. Rarely having the same design but if by some miraculous chance they do you get to choose what color you love most. 
Yellow or Blue? 

Lisa Victoria
Lisa Victoria 
I'm not one to look for fur but these two pieces made me feel like I could be on the cover of Vogue Magazine. 

Lisa Victoria
The hoodie was made with woven fur and was the lightest and softest hoodie I've ever worn. 
I felt this piece helped bring out my silly personality, can you tell!

Lisa Victoria
Lisa Victoria
The vest was astonishing. It's perfect to layer over a jacket, over a sweater or even just a simple t-shirt could be worn with this. Lisa, the shop owner had a great idea of adding a belt to show off every woman's figure.

Lisa Victoria

The vendors themselves at the show were so much fun to be around. Those I've spoken to were funny, kind and really down to earth.

Spark Pretty
Meagan & Amanda from Spark Pretty were so much fun to talk to. They immediately picked up on some of my vintage Betsey Johnson pieces I was wearing and turns out they worked for her around the time they were designed! That's what I love about vintage fashion because even if you don't know the story, someone else can tell it to you. 

Spark Pretty
The show is still going on but today is the last day! 
If you're in the city you should definitely go and check out all the beautiful booths and people there. 

Here are the links to the shop websites that were shown above.