Nov 14, 2017


If you've been following me on Instagram, @whatpaigesit, then you've seen that I do a lot of Illustration artwork, especially for the month of October thanks to Inktober!

Inktober is a challenge to improve your artwork by drawing in ink every day. 
It was originally created by Jake Parker in 2009 and has since been done every year in October by Artist all over the world. 

This was my first year participating in Inktober. 
I really didn't set a plan on where I would go with this challenge as a final outcome except to just succed in the challenge to actually take the time to draw every single day for 31 days as well as improve on drawing and linework. However, I wasnt able to fully finish it before the end of October but I did complete the prompt list by the 1st week of November. 

With the challenge came an amazing opportunity! 
I was at Bowery Bay Bar, a local bar/restaurant near me getting brunch with my boyfriend Brian. I've gone there numerous times in the past and have seen them display other artists artwork. 

When I went this one random Saturday I noticed all the artwork was gone. 
It was like a lightbulb of a crazy idea turned on and I just walked up to the owner and said, 
"You need art?"

I handed him my card met him a few days later and installed 14 of the pieces I had already completed for Inktober that same week! This would have never happened if I didn't just go for it!

I had a small get together with my close friends to come and show off my artwork being displayed. 
My Boss even came out to show support! #Girlboss moment? 

I'm beyond excited that I now have my artwork for perfect strangers to come and see. I even left my Business Cards for interested folks to find me and buy prints of any they may like in my Etsy shop!
If you're in or visiting Astoria, definitely go check out Bowery Bay Bar, eat their amazing food, have a few drinks and browse my pieces!  


Nov 7, 2017


Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography
Last week, I was invited to CAT Footwear Spring/Summer 18 Launch event.
You'll recognize the CAT Logo from the Caterpillar Heavy Machinery Company who also make traditional work boots. 

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography
Not many know that they have a more fashionable line of shoes for both Women and Men!  

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography
The theme of the event is all about being BOLD. 
Their slogan, "Earthmovers are bold on their own and even bolder together" helped set the tone of the event. 

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography
CAT made BOLD marks on our boots! 
The gentlemen from Smith Street Tattoo Parlour from Brooklyn were tattooing the boots we were given with anything we wanted!
They weren't as covered in "Tattoos" like this one but we did get little details of whatever we wanted on them. 
Some people got their names, initials, roses etc. 
I got an eye on the back of each one of mine. I'll probably do a review on them and show what the look like in a later post.

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography
 With BOLD Marks also came with BOLD food! 
The Ice Cream from Bona Bona Ice Cream was some of the best I've ever had!

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography

 I'm not being "that" dramatic but it was seriously delicious! 
They used a blowtorch to roast the marshmallow they decorated on top!

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography

Followed by BOLD Marks & BOLD Food was the BOLD Challenge of Beer Pong!
The winning team took home a $1000 prize! 

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography
I just cheered on from the sidelines as Beerpong is not my strong suit but it was a lot of fun to watch! They had a custom CAT Beerpong Table and Ping Pong Balls with the CAT logo. 
There was no detail too small for this event. 

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography
Probably the best parting gift I've been given (Apart from my beautiful new Boots!) was this Tile with the CAT logo and #goboldly detail is the most useful device ever! 
I keep it on my flash drive since I actually misplaced it the night I received the Tile. 
Now, I don't need to lose my shit! 
Pun intended haha!

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography

Oct 23, 2017


Fall is here and as much as I love the leaves changing colors, the smell of the crisp air and the never-ending pumpkin spiced lattes I drink, my all time favorite thing is the vintage shows that happen here in NYC. 

The Manhattan Vintage Show happened this weekend and I was beyond excited to go back and see Lisa from Lisa Victoria Vintage. 
You may remember me talking about her in a past post about my first time at The Manhattan Vintage Show

Lisa's slogan, You Love Vintage, I live for Vintage is the perfect prologue to her amazing collection. When I get to see her, I discover & learn something new and feel as though I get to travel back in time as far as the 20's.  

My dad served in the Airforce for 20 years so naturally, I'm a sucker for anything military. 
This 1957 Custom made cadet jacket is just to die for! 
The condition is amazing and looks still brand new and even has the former owners name inside. 

 My weakness visiting Lisa is her fur jackets. 
She never has anything new and her pieces are at least 20 years old.

This jacket is a knitted rabbit fur in a gorgeous multi-tonal olive color. 
It's soft, doesn't shed and the colors and construction are so eye-catching!

I felt so chic wearing this goat fur vest!
All her furs are high quality and feel comfortable to wear. 
I know one day I will be adding one her amazing furs to my vintage collection.  

Lisa can be found through her Instagram @Lisavictoravintage