Nov 16, 2015

Fun Fearless Life

On Saturday, November 14th, myself, along with many other amazing girls joined Cosmopolitan at the Hearst Tower in NYC to listen to empowering, strong women and get their take on career and life. Along with all the fun and excitement, we all took a moment of silence to support Paris. The event hosted Chelsea Handler, Laverne Cox, Bethany Mota, Fifth Harmony, Christian Siriano, Matthew Hussey and many many more.  The event was broken down to 18 parts. As much as I would love to tell you everything about each segment I think you would be reading this post for a week. So I'm breaking it down to my favorite 3. Cosmo Key Note, Tear It Up and Power Your Love Life.

1. Cosmo Key Note

This segment was with Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Cheif of Cosmopolitan, interviewing probably the worlds funniest woman, Chelsea Handler. Chelsea as always held nothing back. She talked about leaving her late night show because she was bored and looked at it like a relationship that you're in for way longer than you should be in. She took the year off and was finally feeling happy and healthy and feels she's in the best shape of her life. Joanna talked with Chelsea about how to negotiate your salary and how you know your worth. To sum up her answer, basically, negotiate like a hooker. But seriously think about those and not the hooking part, duuuuh, but the negotiating what you will and won't do. If they want more, they need to pay more. You're skilled in what you do and you need to know your worth. 

2. Tear It Up
What's worse than having a food baby after a big lunch? Running in place for 30 seconds in 5" heels with Adam Rasonte, New York Times best seller, Fitness and Nutrition Coach. Joanna Coles broke her heels because of this, I'm not kidding! 
Apart from being a fitness coach he takes more about how to mentally feel healthy compared to how many squats it takes to work off Taco Tuesday. He mentions how we all get to a point where we feel like we don't have enough time, we're too "busy" or were "tired". He said to "just move". Get up and move, even if binge watching Scandal is on your to-do list for the evening. (P.S. I haven't seen this show #dontjudge). When you start moving things happen to you. Instead of watching Netflix and cuddling with your 4 legged friend go out and do something! Be productive and great things will happen.
Thanks to Adam screaming, "Go start that blog!" I actually got the courage to start this new project to share with you. 

3. Power Your Love Life

This segment is my favorite because the speaker Matthew Hussey, Relationship Expert, Cosmo DatingColumnist. I first found Matthew Hussey last year at Fun Fearless Life. Last year I was running back into the auditorium late after a break and he was in the middle of speaking and was talking about a handkerchief technique (watch it here on his YouTube channel )

I was instantly hooked and bought his book, went to a seminar he had in NYC and even bought one of his online programs full of hours and hours of content for tips and tricks for all situations in dating and personal well-being. Ladies, I tell you, he's a genius and that accent doesn't hurt either ;) 

Saturday was definitely another turning point for me. I made new friends, listened to powerful speakers and got the courage to start this blog. 

Keep kicking Ass,



  1. You Rock !!!!! Cant wait to read about all your future endeavors !!!!!

  2. Loved reading this! Excited for your next post and KEEP KICKIN' ARSE!

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