Nov 23, 2015

Networking- Making Friends While Adulting

Networking while Adulting can be a scary thing for some people. I, however, find it to be a lot of fun and build confidence through it. You don't need to network just to find a new job or a vendor for a project. You can do it to gain friends and find like-minded people. No matter where I go I try and network. I end up meeting some pretty amazing people and  gain friendships.

Meeting new people and getting out of your comfort zone can be scary. You may be worried about making a good first impression or looking silly in front of someone you don't even know. 

There is no need to worry about any of that because it's really simple to strike up a conversation with anyone. 

Compliment Them:
Don't you love the feeling of getting a compliment on your new outfit you just bought or hoping someone notices your new haircut? Same goes for the person you want to meet! 
Simply say, "I love that jacket you're wearing! Where is it from?" Once you get the answer, tell them that their outfit is on point! I did this on the subway once but over a nail polish color. I noticed the rest of her amazing outfit with a black Faux  fur jacket and just said, "girl, you're killing it!" She loved it and it gave her more confidence. 
Another time I did this I was at a presentation event. In line grabbing coffee, I told this woman that her lace blouse looked really great on her. She loved receiving this compliment because this was a fashion event and she said she wasn't very fashionable. Turns out, she was a speaker for this event and a CEO of an engineering company! Uh hello! #girlboss. But even a woman like her can feel self-conscious and this simple compliment gave her more confidence to speak in front of everyone. 

Ask Where They Are From:
After you exchange names, get to know a little about them instead of diving into the same old "what do you do?" Honestly, I get bored of hearing that at events with friends. I came out to laugh and have drinks, not talk about work all night. 
By getting to know where they are from you may even have something in common, friends, family, or school. You won't believe how small of a world it is with this simple question. 
If they are from another country you get to ask them even more and learn about their choice to make the big move! Maybe you even get inspiration to move or to not be afraid to try something completely new. 

Exchange Contact Information: 
This is the easy part honestly! After getting to know them a bit just simply say, "I would love to get together and hang out sometime, maybe grab a coffee or something", "can we exchange email/numbers?" 

Always try and network, even at a girls night out with friends, wedding or grocery store. Doesn't matter where just try and meet at least one new person. Over time, you get comfortable going up to new people. You never know where this can bring you in life or if you can help each other in future projects. 

Remember, keep kicking ass in your life. 

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