Nov 20, 2015

Stop Saying Sorry

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Ever notice how women and yourself seem to always say sorry for things they shouldn't be saying sorry for? If we try to sit next to them we say "sorry". Uhhhh why do we do this? You're not hurting their bags feelings not being able to sit next to them on the ride into work. Even at work we belittle ourselves unintentionally. We'll go to our bosses office and say sorry for bothering you, sorry to interrupt, or, this may be a silly question...

I admit I have done a few of these at times, especially at my old job. But here's the thing- we're badass babes who are killing it at work and we have nothing to be sorry about. Don't approach a situation feeling small and timid. You're a strong independent woman who has an idea, a plan and a mission for that seat on the train home after a long Monday at work. Sorry Boo, but your Chanel bag is sitting in my seat. 

The next time you walk into your bosses office, do not say sorry. Stand tall and simply say, excuse me, do you have a second to go over this project? 
Boom! I present to you a professional and confident woman.

In the past, I worked under someone who gave this vibe of wanting to make strong people weak. Over time I learned this is what made them feel powerful. I would pitch what I felt were amazing ideas and positive changes to add to a project and I would be shot down before I even stepped foot into their office. It felt like I couldn't do anything right as a designer and I was questioning myself if I wanted this as my career path anymore. Over time, I worked on my self-confidence in the office and decided not to bat an eyelash on whether or not they liked me that day or any day really.  Despite how I felt then and how I was mistreated, I still respect them.

I'm sure you're scratching your heading thinking "wtf?!" But hear me out, I truly believe my last job was a stepping stone to direct me to something better and to learn from. I was hired with zero experience in designing leather accessories and had a bachelor's in fashion design for apparel. I was taught how to design belts and bags and realized my love of designing men's accessories instead of designing for ladies. Without this boss believing in me when they hired me, I wouldn't be at this amazing job I now have. I'm blessed to work in an office where I can still have my blue hair and have control over the designs and the design process and being told "I trust you, do what you want." 

I hope this post helps you or someone you know and please always, always, always, remember no matter how you're feeling, you're a badass babe. 

Keep kicking ass!

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