Dec 1, 2015

Hello December

From #Girlboss

December 1st is here!
And rent is due, bills are due, everything is due! Where is my glass of red wine!? It's a stressful time for everyone having to see that beautiful paycheck you worked hard for getting smaller and smaller after each payment for the month. It's truly upsetting and I feel ya girl. It's even harder when you live alone like me. But here's the way you have to look at it: you're fortunate and blessed to be able to afford the life you live. December is an expensive month given the Holidays and trying to get everyone on your list presents adds more stress. We want to be Wonder Woman trying to do it all and have everything taken care of at once. When you're upset that you can't buy those amazing shoes on sale at Nasty Gal, take a moment and smile that the light is on in your apartment, food is in your fridge and your four-legged friend or succulents are right there with you. My favorite quote from the book #Girlboss is "Money looks better in the Bank than on your feet." We're both adjusting to the real world and it's a pain in the ass at times but totally worth the feeling of confidence to be able to afford the life you live.

The key to becoming stress-free about money is knowing how to budget.
There are many apps out there for you to use like Mint, Good Budgets and Mvelopes.
I've tried Mint but I need to actually write everything out in my notebook. For me when I write things out, I remember them and can be more conscious about it. I have this small Moleskine notebook that takes up no room in my bag.
I list all the bills I have
Rent & Utilities
Monthly train ticket so I can get to work in NYC
Subscriptions: Netflix, Ipsy and Birchbox
Gym Membership
Gas for my car
Laundry money (I live in a studio so no room for a laundry machine)

I write the cost of each bill next to it and then divide it in half.
Example: Netflix costs me $8 so I divide it to $4.

Do this to all of your payments and take the total amount of the divided cost out of each check.
For example, say your total cost each month is $2,000 (I'm reaaaaaly underestimating your budget here) then you would set aside $1,000 from each paycheck. This prevents having to spend your entire paycheck at the end of the month.

I hope this helps you this Holiday Season!

Remember loves,
Keep kicking ass!


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