Dec 21, 2015

Know Your Worth

You know that feeling you have in the pit of your stomach that tells you that there is something you were meant to do? That passion that fills your heart and the drive to achieve it? But sometimes there's that little voice in your head that wants to make you feel small. That you don't have the experience, the know-how or the talent to do what it is you hope to achieve. There's even the literal voice of someone whose words are like a knife in your back that make you feel like your idea was stupid or the things you enjoy are dumb. That drive and passion become muted when we listen to those voices and believe the negative. 
What should you do in these moments? Stand up for yourself! 
Think about it, if you saw someone was being a bully to your best friend you would be like an attack dog and stand up for them. Why wouldn't you do that for yourself? Believe it or not, you're your own best friend. Treat yourself with respect and show yourself the love and support those voices refuse to give. Don't let them push you into a corner and make you feel small. 
If you are in that corner or trying to stay as far away from it as possible, do a few things to show yourself some love:

  • Go get your nails done or give yourself an at-home manicure.
  • Get your hair done, whether it be a blowout, new hair color, trim or brand new look.
  • Light a candle and listen to your favorite music. I do this in the morning and at night to get a great start and a perfect ending to the day. 
  • Get rid of things you no longer need in your home or room. 
  • Go through old clothes, old makeup, old bedding, everything that no longer gives you joy. Getting rid of those things gives you an emotional lift and you feel lighter. 
Your looks and home aren't the only things you need to go through and filter out. You need to think about your personal life as well. Get rid of friends who don't add value to your life. 
Do you feel less inspired or less supported? 
Do they say mean or rude comments that do nothing but hurt your feelings? 
Kick their asses to the curb! but gently. Slowly and respectfully lead them out of your life. Keep those who believe in you close and in your inner support circle, refer back to my post Squad Goals- Reality check

If your job is bringing you down emotionally, leave! But not 'till after you find a new one. 
Don't stay in a place you feel miserable at and unappreciated. Know your worth and keep your head held high. If work isn't the issue but feeling a lack of confidence in yourself is; trust your gut. If you have an idea, bring it up in the next meeting. You were hired for a reason because you know what you're doing and are great at what you do. 
Have encouraging quotes hung up around you in frames or in a collage. I have one of my favorites framed in my bathroom that I see every morning while I get ready.
Doing this ritual helps you give yourself that extra push to keep going after what you want.

The image above is a print out I created for you to hang up where you know you will always see it and read it aloud to yourself every day. Go to the Downloads tab at the top of the page and click the image to download. Upload pictures to Instagram and use the hashtag #whatpaigeisit so I can see how you display them!

Keep Kicking ass,

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