Dec 11, 2015

Squad Goals- Reality check

Friends are the glue to our sanity.
They're the people who we love to cause trouble at the bar with and make a game out of who can get the most free drinks at the bar on a Friday night. They're also the ones who we confide in when that Fuckboy does us wrong again because we can't seem to let go of that bad boy charm who for some reason we think we can change? Right. That's another conversation altogether.

Friends are the ones we feel we should be able to share everything with and have full support from. But what if they don't? 
I'm not talking about them hating your boyfriend, I'm talking about your dreams for your life. The goals you have made or want to set for yourself. 

I've had that sad, almost heartbreaking moment when I confided in a friend about my goals for the next month to 5 years, her response? 
"Shouldn't you make more realistic ones? Like, some that you could actually reach?"
I was so taken aback by their comment and angry that they would even say that. But after taking some time to think about her response, I realized something, I dream differently from her and we think far too differently about our lives. I now know that, sadly, I can't talk with this person about my career goals that will take 5 or more years to achieve. They don't see the fun in the adventure of growing as a person and seeing how far you can push yourself to reach that big dream. Hell, I've said before how even ex-boyfriends didn't support my dreams I had set for myself.

Obviously, I got rid of that dead weight but it's not to say you have to get rid of your friends as well. There's no shame in still being friends with them but accepting that they're not the best audience to talk to about your goals. Solution? Find those who get a high from surrounding themselves with other women who believe and support each other. Yes, they do exist! It's not a fairytale. I've met so many amazing women after college that were all about being a Girlboss and wanting to kick ass in their career and supporting each other no matter what their personal goals were.

One of my closest friends I've met through my old job is someone who I can confide in and go to different events with to meet other women like us. We read self-help books, meet up for wine and discuss our jobs and relationships and help each other when we're feeling down. We know we can call each other when it comes to career goals, bad days in the office and how to ask for a raise. I even get her advice for this blog. I was originally scared to tell her about it because this is something new for me to publish my thoughts and life experiences compared to writing in my moleskin journal.

Her reaction? Excitement and support! She thought it was totally me. 
Who could ask for anything more than that kind of support from a friend?

My hopes for you, my Badass babe, is to always surround yourself with women like my dear friend here. That's why I wrote this blog. I want to create a place that is safe and supportive of your dreams and goals. They can be becoming a fashion blogger, veterinarian, fitness trainer, in the medical field, music producer, anything! 
We got your back babes. 

Keep kicking ass,

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