Jan 17, 2016

Going To Events Alone

Being alone is a fear some people have.
I don't mean the being eternally single for the rest of your life type of alone. I mean doing things by yourself like the going to an event, a movie or a new restaurant. Things that you would normally do with friends. I want to challenge you to go out by yourself and do something, anything.
Here's why, as much as I love seeing my friends I like to go out and be alone to do things I enjoy. Many people think it's strange that I would go by myself to various things.
Even my boyfriend thought it was strange until I gave him the breakdown of why I enjoy it.

1. You learn a lot about yourself when you're alone.
At first, I was one who hated being alone and thought I needed someone with me to go somewhere. Surprising, considering I am an only child. Well for 15 years at least before my little sister made a surprise appearance. She's a cutie. But in all seriousness, you learn to love yourself more. I won't lie, you will get the little mean voice in your head saying things like "People are judging you, you loner." Trust me they're not. I guarantee you can find someone else who's there alone. 

2. You make friends.
Just like in my post Networking- Making Friends While Adulting, you can simply compliment someone on their shoes or while waiting in line asking if they've been to an event like this before. No matter the answer you can continue the conversation and even exchange numbers to hang out in the future. Just the other day I was in line trying to go to an event and ended up meeting the awesome girl who had her own blogging business and loves badass babes as well. We clicked instantly! 

3. It will build your confidence. 
No matter where you are personally in your own confidence I promise with practice, your confidence will grow. You learn to get out of your comfort zone and learn more about yourself. Eventually meeting people becomes super easy and you can use that confidence and people skills to even talk a cute guy at a party or at a work event. I've done this before numerous times and it has both failed and worked out great. There's no need to worry about people judging you because they don't know how awesome you are and it's their loss if they want nothing to do with you. 

4. It's a learning experience. 
That's really all it is, to be out on your own and getting to know yourself.
I even live alone in my studio apartment because I want to challenge myself and know I can do this. So far, it's pretty great. And it's not lonely at all especially when you have a furry friend keeping you company. And I will admit, I even talk and laugh to myself. It's pretty entertaining and you would love to be a fly on my wall. 

Alright babes, take this challenge alongside your New Years Resolutions and get out of your comfort zone. It won't be an overnight change but a slow one that helps you grow. 

Remember babes, you got this!
Keep Kicking Ass

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