Jan 27, 2016

Self Care

I talk a lot about how to work hard, kick ass and to get out of your comfort zones. All very important things but not as important as self-care. I can recall two times in my life where my body felt like it basically broke down, I got very sick and unable to get out of bed. I don't mean a cold, I mean physically it was hard to sit up or walk down the hall. How scary is that! First time this happened was during my senior year of college.
I was always non-stop working or keeping busy so I could keep my mind off of everything that was bothering me. At the time, I was working on my senior collection (I was studying fashion design), dealing with a breakup and people pretending to be my friend to try and get in my business when all I wanted was to get through my classes. My Schedule would be me up working on projects until 2am, sleep till 6:30am-7am to get ready for an 8am class and go to the gym for two hours, 5 days a week with no breaks in between days. I did this routine all of Fall and part of Spring Semester. It wasn't until Spring Break when my body basically called it quits. I was freezing yet sweating nonstop, couldn't eat, couldn't move cause my body hurt, basically the worst feeling ever.
When it happened again last summer I knew I needed to take better care of myself. I was again, going to the gym non-stop, but I wasn't giving myself a break. Both physically and mentally.

Here are some things I found helped me take better care of myself and relax more and felt happier.

Seriously, when you're feeling low emotionally, you just want to be rolled up in a ball on your bed with your hair in a messy bun and in your favorite pajamas that you would never want to be caught dead in. I get it but hop out of bed and get in the shower. Feeling the warm water on your skin helps relax your muscles and can clear your mind. invest in some body scrubs and body washes that smell amazing or are for a specific purpose. I use Bath and Body Works, Stress Relief. I use the Sugar Scrub, Lotion and the Body wash. It has this amazing minty smell that helps you unwind and destress. This made me look forward to getting into the shower. I even bought the pillow mist so my pillows and bed sheets can smell amazing and help me relax.
P.S. They are currently only $8! Go stock up!

Put On Makeup: 
I know some girls absolutely love makeup and others are clueless as to how it works. No matter your skill level take the time to get dolled up for no one but yourself. Put on some BB cream, mascara and a lipstick or lip gloss before you leave your house, dorm or apartment. When you feel good about yourself it helps you keep your head held high and attract positive energy and positive people.
Who doesn't want that?!

Take Off Makeup:
No one loves breakouts so taking those 5 extra minutes to wash away all your makeup and having a skin care routine is key to waking up in the morning with clear and healthy skin.
Clueless about skincare? YouTube... my best friend.

Pamper Yourself:
Get your hair done or paint your nails! Don't let them be chipped and halfway gone. It shows you don't care about yourself. I even read a Meme that said, "Don't trust this bitch, this bitch don't care about nothin." I'm serious, click the link. Honestly, I find it to be true. Take the time to clean off chipped nail polish. Even if you don't have time to repaint them, file them down to not look like a hot mess and put on a clear polish before running out the door. It looks way better I promise.

This is personally all up to you how you want to do this.
What I just started to do was taking slow but long deep breaths. I typically do ten but do as many as you would like. Giving yourself that time to sit in quiet (turn your phones off or on silent) can help you mentally relax and get into a more positive mindset. I even started using crystals I found to hold while I do this cause I personally believe they do have some healing power to them.

Call Someone:
When I am feeling really stressed and need someone to just vent to I typically call a family member. I'm really close with my dad and he's my go to for advice on life. My cousin is also someone who is there for me. We don't talk often but when we do you would think we talk every day. We're both very private with our lives and it's nice to hear him say positive things about me I never even imagined he thought about me as a person. Knowing I always have someone there no matter the time of day is truly a blessing to me.

Remember babes, give yourself some TLC.

Keep kicking Ass! (and relax!)

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