Feb 23, 2016


So, you're looking for a job to kickstart your career.
You've been applying non-stop on any and all job search engines and finally landed an interview!
Awesome Possum! You go, girl!

Que the fireworks and confetti blasters!
But wait....
WTF do you do to prep?
What questions will they ask?
What shoes will you wear?

Well, you've come to the right place.
Here are my tips and tricks on how to prep for your interview and not blow it.

Step 1. Facebook Stalk
DO NOT friend request, just browse.
The same way you would stalk your crush or classmates from high school, stalk the person who is interviewing you. Find out what they look like so you know what to expect walking into the office.
You get a better idea of who they are and how to talk to someone based on their profile.
Just don't go as far to find out who they are dating. Don't be a creeper.

Step 2. Google
Google is your best friend when you need to know how to make a poached egg.
Use Google to research the company. Don't just go to the company website. find out anything you can about them. See who their competitors are, what past employees have said about the company after working there, reviews etc. Walk in like it's a "first date" with the company and you already know everything about them. #stalker

Step 3. Practice Questions
If you have no idea what they will ask and want to be prepared.
Again, Google.
Look up typical questions that are asked at interviews.
I've also been asked some random questions that aren't even related to the job. Some are ones that get to know who you are outside of work and others really make no sense but have fun with it.

What do you do as a hobby? (don't have one? get one. stalking doesn't count.)
What makes you want to get up in the morning? (Coffee. Coffee. oh yeah! and Coffee.)
Whats your dream job? (Be Beyoncé #flawless)
If you could be any fruit, what would you be and why? (I always say Fruit Loops cereal. I'm not kidding.)

Step 4. Plan your outfit
No matter how casual the company, don't walk in with sneakers and leggings. They don't need to know you pretended to go to the gym. Put in some effort babes and put on dress pants, a blouse, earrings and a necklace. Look like you give a shit cause you are the shit.

Step 5. Get your shit together
Make sure you have everything you need and be organized!
Here is your checklist.
-Buisness cards
-Resume- Have multiple copies! You may be speaking to more than one person.
-Portfolio- If your field requires it.
-Portable charger- In case you're there all day and miss your train home and need to switch between Facebook, Snapchap, Twitter and Instagram for an hour.
-Snacks- I've had two interviews in one day and they were hours apart. Bring food and save money.

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