Apr 22, 2016

Dealing With Fear

Long are the days when we were young and didn't fear the height of climbing a tree, being surrounded by bumble bees as you played with their hive and racing bikes down a big hill to only fall and scrap off your knee. Just me?

Fear in our twenties is so different for us. Why did no one warn us about the pressure we feel and put on ourselves after graduating? You may be watching friends who have already graduated and started their lives while you still have two years left of school. Even if you did graduate at the same time as them, you feel like you aren't doing as much as they are or not as far along as you thought you would be. People are getting engaged, married and populating the earth. (You go girls!)

I can't count on two hands how many pregnant bellies I see on all my social media in a day.
My dad, yes my dad, loves to remind me about how the older I get the more my uterus is depleting in its stock...
Thank's dad. 

When it comes to your career and future the fear really comes into play. You get nervous about starting a job, quitting a job to start school again or to start your own business. 
You start asking yourself,
Will it work out? 
Will I fail? 
What will my family and friends think of me? 
Can I do this? 
Should I do this?
My answer for you is yes, go for it and screw what everyone else thinks.
Including that negative voice in your head. 

We all put fear into our minds once we come up with an idea to make a positive change in our lives. We make excuses as to why we can't do it and why it won't work out. In reality, what you're doing is handicapping yourself. You're letting this made up scenario take over your dream to do something wonderful with your life. 

Want to get over your fear? 
"Don't focus on the outcome, just do it with no expectations."
I heard this quote from Gabrielle Bernstein during one of her live webinars. 

When you do something with passion while also enjoying the moment of creating and doing, amazing things and opportunities will happen. Some results may be a happier life and others may be things you never even imagined would come to you. 

If you're looking at a goal that you have for yourself and start getting overwhelmed about everything it will take to get there just simply start. For example, if you want to start working out for more than just a summer body but a healthier one, don't stress about the end results. Focus on getting to the gym today. No matter what you ate today just go. The feeling after actually going is worth it in the end. Want to start lifting weights but nervous being in the weight room?

Just focus on cardio until you're more comfortable. Those guys really aren't scary, they're just weird and like to flex their muscles. Want to do squats but nervous about how much weight you can put on the bar? Just start small and work your way up. You're not competing with anyone but yourself. Weight training is all about your own personal gains. 
Not someone else's.

Don't let fear hold you back from the life you want to have for yourself. No matter if it's fitness, career, school or anything else you have your heart set on. Taking the first step into that direction does two things for you. Gets you started and gets you closer. We all had to start out as freshman twice already in our life. Start from square one and do things without an outcome. 

Remember babes,
You got this!

Keep Kicking ass.

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