Apr 4, 2016

The Worst Advice I've Ever Been Given

In the past, I was had an issue at work with a co-worker who I felt was belittling me and trying to "claim"  their power over me in the office. While this person was wrong on all accounts I needed to find a way to work around this person and still continue to kick ass at my job. I confided in someone about this issue I was having, thinking I would get an enlightening light bulb moment that would show me the way to be stress-free about this co-worker. I patiently waited for their response as I sat down with them drinking my tea after a long day in the office. Their answer was something I would never expect to come from them.

They said, "It's a Job, you're getting paid, let them belittle you and do your work."
Ummm what?
This is the worst answer to tell a badass babe.
You wouldn't tell someone, "Just deal with your man treating you badly. You won't have to be single and alone."

Telling someone to basically bend over and deal is not a message I want to bring across to you or follow myself. You are above this mentality and are one who thinks outside of the box of living the sad tale of finding a job, staying there even if you hate it, till you retire.

Choose not to live a life stuck in a bubble and hiding in your comfort zone just to get by in life because it's safe.
I want us to excel in our careers and be the best at whatever it is that we want to do or pursue in our lives.

If you have someone in your life who constantly tells you this bad advice, simply say, "Thank you" and then carry on being the badass babe I know you are and trust in your gut who you are meant to be.

Remember babes, not everyone thinks like we do and it's totally fine.

Keep kicking ass

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