May 26, 2016


This past weekend my good friend Cat and I went to A Current Affair Vintage Pop Up shopping event. The event is hosted twice a year in Industry City and after going in October last year, we had to go again.

This time, it was not only a shopping trip but an adventure. The sky was cloudy but I woke up that morning in one of the best moods, despite not being able to sleep in on a Saturday like most people. On the train ride to Brooklyn, I was listening to Best Day ever playlist on Spotify and knew this day was going to be awesome.
Boy, was I right.

Curated by @dannijo & @daniellesnyder





Walking in we were surrounded and overwhelmed by what felt like a never-ending amount of vintage clothing that was put on display from numerous vendors and shop owners. If it was possible, I would have bought everything. 

Curated by @dannijo & @daniellesnyder

As Cat and myself finished our way through the first room of vintage clothing we were looking through a rack filled with gorgeous dresses. I was daydreaming at this point until Cat tapped my shoulder and said "Hey! Stacy London is here!"

I look up and there she is looking through the same rack standing right next to me!
I quickly said hello and reintroduced myself and brought up when I first met her at a Star Wars Fashion event that celebrated the new movie being released. You know I had an instant girl crush when I found out she's just as much of a Star Wars nerd as I was.

Cat shared a dressing room with her at one point so I know she was on cloud 9.
Also, doesn't she look to die for in this Moschino romper!

As we continued walking around I wasn't just mesmerized by they clothing there but also by the people and their own personal style. I met Purley Patricia who is a woman with a style that can not be replicated. If only I could pull off blue eyebrows!


Many of the shop owners there as well had amazing style that matched their booth theme. It was like walking into someone's fashion journal and getting a sense of who they are and how they want you to feel in their clothes.

The 9th Street Haberdashery

While looking around I was on the hunt for my favorite jewelry booth, Old Hands Share, that I bought an amazing ring from last year and knew I would find something again. Which I did. Two actually! I knew it was meant to be when I saw these two rings with my first and middle initials "S" and "N". Now I have to manifest that Chelsea, the owner, can find the letter "P".

All three rings from @oldhandsshare
Chelsea is an awesome woman with a talent for jewelry design.
An interview with her is going to be in the works!

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