Oct 25, 2016

Bows by Becca " It all started with a Duck"

Meet Rebecca!
The creator and designer of Bows By Becca. This 24-year-old from Malverne Long Island is kicking ass running a business, balancing school and a part time job. With the slogan "It all started with a Duck" Rebecca designs Bows that are both the perfect hair accessory and bowties. I got the chance to interview Rebecca while at her booth at a fall Market event at Rath Park in Franklin Square Saturday, Oct. 15th.

Why did you start making bows?
Rebecca: It all started with my little sister who was six at the time. she had this Duck bow that she would wear every day to school. Now, myself, being in college I didn't have much free time for things but I decided one day to try and make a duck bow that I saw while browsing Pinterest. It ended up being really easy and I just kept making a wide variety of themes for the bows. I was going Pinterest Crazy!

Did you make a business plan or did you decide to wing it?

R: I'm honestly just winging it! I write all my expenses in a notebook to keep myself organized.

What's your favorite and most challenging bow?
R: My favorite bow is definitely the Duck bow but the challenging ones I would say are the ones made with thicker ribbon. My fingers are wrecked with all the hot glue and poking myself with needles.

What's your most popular bow?
R: Disney themed are mostly what sells like my Frozen ones and Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

You have bows for supporting breast Cancer. What inspired you make them?
My Aunt and Second Cousin have breast Cancer. With every Breast Cancer bow that's sold, I donate $2 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

How is it balancing work, school, and bows?
Rebecca: Impossible! at least it feels like it. School always comes first so if I have a test coming up no bows are in production. Once I'm free from prepping for the tests I'm non-stop making bows till sometimes 2 o'clock in the morning cheering myself on to keep going and finish them.

What's the biggest challenge you faced with starting your own business?
R: Balancing life. Time is extremely limited and sleep does not exist.
I once had a large order for a track team to make before the season started and it took me a few weeks to make. I definitely learned time management with that.

How did you start selling at Markets and do you love it more than just selling online?
R: A coworker of mine who sells Origami Owls at markets told me to get into them. It's hard to constantly work at a lot of them when I have school and homework but I love being there. It makes me so happy to see the little girls running around wearing my bows.

Advice for someone wanting to open up their own small business? 

R: Be dedicated. I wish I had started after being done with school.
Also, be prepared to spend a lot more money before you start making money.

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