May 1, 2017

Growing Up Is Hard: But It's Worth It

Hello there. Nice to see you again. 
It's been a while I know, but let me fill you in. 
After only 4 months of 2017, I feel like I've changed into a new person once again. 
I entered 2017 going on unemployment. I started to feel low and had to learn how to force myself not to feel depressed and unmotivated. I didn't even want to see my friends at times. It was hard to do the simplest of things. Get dressed, put on makeup and walk out my apartment door. I wanted to just stay in my bed and hide in my room and do nothing. It seemed more appealing to stay at home and cry instead of going out and spending time with my amazing friends who knew how to make me laugh and loved me without any judgment. Don't worry, I didn't stay home. 
My mom ended up calling me in the middle of my self-sulking and told me to basically snap out of it. She asked...
Do you have a bed to sleep in? 
Me: Yes
Do you have a roof over your head? 
Me: Yes
Do you have food in your fridge? 
Me: Yes
Then you're fine, go out. 

It took just a call from my crazy mother (love you mom xox) to tell me that everything is fine and that I will be okay. And truthfully I was. Being asked those three things helped me realize I truly got this and I managed to create a daily routine for myself while being on unemployment and job searching. 

The two things that kept me sane were the gym and painting. Doing both things that made me happy and keep me in shape were the perfect mix of self-care I needed to help keep me in the mindset that everything is going to work out fine. And honestly, it really did. 

We all go through tough times and not everything is what it seems through our Instagrams. 
I've learned how to be mentally stronger because of this and I want you to know that no matter what, you got this! 
If things seem bad right now just know that they will get better soon. 
I promise. 

Keep Kicking Ass,

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