May 30, 2017


 This Memorial Weekend was a perfect opportunity to get away from NYC, go out farther on Long Island and visit new places I haven't been before. I think it's a great idea to do something out of your comfort zone and not your usual weekend routine. It's kind of a reset button for me.
I went on a little road trip with Brian and his family to Greenport Long Island to go hiking and wine tasting. Yes, we did both in one day! 
Hiking on Long Island is nothing like hiking in the Adirondacks. It's flat, so think of it as just a walk through nothing but beautiful greenery and finding your way to the ocean. 
We went to Inlet Pond County Park in Greenport. There is a pond but also the ocean is right behind it.
Once we reached the ocean, the mermaid in me was on cloud nine. 
There were some cool wooden structures that I honestly don't know how to describe them other than a start of a campfire for a giant. My imagination runs a bit wild haha.The beach itself was mostly rocks so not a spot to lay out a beach towel and bask in the sun but nevertheless, it was still gorgeous being out there seeing the clear water. We walked along the beach and I collected a few cool looking rocks. I was looking for sea glass but sadly no luck.After the hike, we went into town to get a bite to eat at the Salamander On Front Resturant
We sat at the bar and enjoyed the view of this cool art piece they had hanging up that you see when you first walk in.After lunch, we went wine tasting at a few wineries.
My favorite was the Shinn Estate Vineyards
They grow everything Holistically!
Before we got into town I did a quick change into my new favorite dress for summer that I bought 
We tried 4 different wines and my favorite one was definitely the Wild Boar Doe. 
I'm more of a dry red wine type of gal so even when we did try the white wines I looked like a baby who ate a sour patch kid!
This weekend was honestly the best. I wish it wasn't ending and that I could go around visiting more wineries, eat amazing food and stop by little shops that have cute baby chickens like these! 
Aren't they adorable! 
I wanted to take them home haha!

I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend as well! 
Would love to know in the comments what you guys did!


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