Jun 10, 2017


Hello Weekend! 
How I have really missed you so! Okay, enough with the dramatics. 
This week really wasn't that bad because I had a few great days in between! 
It's June, which means summer and if you live or work in NYC you know that means rooftop parties! If you love seeing the NYC buildings from the ground then wait until your way up high in 
"The City That Never Sleeps." 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
Wednesday I went to Carnegie Hall Tower to enjoy a Summer Soiree for Sebago. 
Sebago is an American Michigan-based company that has a wide variety of upscale boating and deck shoes, outdoor shoes and some dress shoes. 
Once I walked out the elevator I went straight for the tacos! 
Honestly, what could be better than free Tacos & Margaritas! 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
Oh yeah, being surrounded by shoes doesn't hurt. Wink Wink. 

My good friend Cat who I've mentioned in my A Current Affair post came along with me to the Soiree. We always have the best time together when it comes to mingling with people we don't know. 
After inhaling our amazing food to quiet the talking of our starving stomachs from a long day at the office we browsed the tables of amazing shoes for Sebago's new collection. 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
It could have been the summer air or the one margarita I had but I could have sworn I hear these shoes calling my name. 
Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography 
Get it?! I made a funny! Oh, you know it was a good one!

We both had such an amazing time and honestly couldn't pass up this perfect photo opp.  


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