Nov 14, 2017


If you've been following me on Instagram, @whatpaigesit, then you've seen that I do a lot of Illustration artwork, especially for the month of October thanks to Inktober!

Inktober is a challenge to improve your artwork by drawing in ink every day. 
It was originally created by Jake Parker in 2009 and has since been done every year in October by Artist all over the world. 

This was my first year participating in Inktober. 
I really didn't set a plan on where I would go with this challenge as a final outcome except to just succed in the challenge to actually take the time to draw every single day for 31 days as well as improve on drawing and linework. However, I wasnt able to fully finish it before the end of October but I did complete the prompt list by the 1st week of November. 

With the challenge came an amazing opportunity! 
I was at Bowery Bay Bar, a local bar/restaurant near me getting brunch with my boyfriend Brian. I've gone there numerous times in the past and have seen them display other artists artwork. 

When I went this one random Saturday I noticed all the artwork was gone. 
It was like a lightbulb of a crazy idea turned on and I just walked up to the owner and said, 
"You need art?"

I handed him my card met him a few days later and installed 14 of the pieces I had already completed for Inktober that same week! This would have never happened if I didn't just go for it!

I had a small get together with my close friends to come and show off my artwork being displayed. 
My Boss even came out to show support! #Girlboss moment? 

I'm beyond excited that I now have my artwork for perfect strangers to come and see. I even left my Business Cards for interested folks to find me and buy prints of any they may like in my Etsy shop!
If you're in or visiting Astoria, definitely go check out Bowery Bay Bar, eat their amazing food, have a few drinks and browse my pieces!  


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