Jan 18, 2018


Hi Loves! 
I wanted to switch things up and do a product review of Lola! 
Lola is basically, in my opinion, every girl's best friend for that time of the month and is conveniently sent straight to your door! I love that I no longer need to run to the pharmacy last minute when I forget about getting my period again, even though I've been getting it since I was maybe 11-12??

Lola only uses cotton in their products. There’s no Toxins, Fragrances or synthetic fibers.
Why is this important you ask? 
Current FDA regulations don’t require tampon companies to disclose ingredients used to make their tampons. Uhhh, say what now?! (I pulled this off of Lola’s website) They want to be completely transparent and make an easy and stress-free product for their customers! 
I’ve had Lola for over a year and I’m beyond obsessed! 

Unlike tampon boxes in pharmacies, you get to customize what weight tampons you need. Light, Regular, Super. They offer non-applicator tampons, plastic applicator tampons, cardboard applicator tampons that are not uncomfortable, so I’m told, Pads and Liners! I only use the plastic applicators though.

You can order more than one box to come to you every month. You can change what products you need and how frequently you need them. You can skip that month or cancel if you don’t like it. There’s no commitment. I usually just do just one per month I sometimes have some leftover over time and skip a month to save some money. 

They also just came out with a new cramp care line! 
I’ve started using their essential oil blend that helps relieve cramps. It’s honestly amazing and really works! You just roll it onto your abdomen a few times, let it dry and say bye bye to cramp pain! 
The smell is light with a lavender and chamomile blend with 17 other essential oils included in their ingredients. Now, not that it’s made for this but I was having a lot of muscle pain on my shoulders, so I figured why not try it out. After a few minutes it actually loosened up my shoulders and I wasn’t in so much pain! 

The other product to their cramp care kit is their daily supplement. I haven't tried it out yet but just reading that it helps with mood swings and bloating has me sold!

Lola overall is an amazing brand with amazing products. If you care about your health and your vagina's health, Lola is definitely for you. 
#notsponsored #trulyobsessed!


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