May 16, 2018

A CURRENT AFFAIR: The Best Vintage On The Planet Returns

It’s that time of year again! 
A Current Affair was back in Brooklyn, Industry City, this past weekend and once again it did not disappoint! I went again with my best friend Cat who is just as equally obsessed with vintage shopping as myself. Once we walked in we both looked at each other and realized we didn’t have a plan for what we were looking for! What we typically do to avoid getting overwhelmed with all the rows and rows of amazing vendors is to keep a few pieces in mind of what we want to find. 

 Usually, it’s kimonos, t-shirts, jackets, and jewelry! 
Cat ended up walking away with the beautiful cardigan! 

As we made our way through the event we noticed how packed it was! 
There were way more people this year than any other time we’ve attended. 
Way to go A Current Affair! 

Mui Mui Boots from Templo
We mapped out our favorite vendors that we love to see. We always seem to walk away with something from their beautiful collection. 

This year I got a Denim Lee Jacket! 
I’ve been wanting a vintage one for the longest time now and when we got to Foundation Vintage this one just caught my eye and fit better than I could have imagined! 

I’ve bought a military jacket from them a few years back that I still wear religiously. The experience of going back is like seeing an old friend when you go into their booth. We get to catch up see how their business is doing and bid farewell till we reunited again in the fall. 

From Vintage Le Monde
As we keep browsing I turned around to check out the scenery of just as equally vintage obsessed shoppers and noticed this very tall gentleman trying on a regal maroon colored 1800’s jacket. 
I was puzzled wondering how and why I knew who this stranger was! 
So I did some googling like any millennial would and confirmed through Google Images that it was Ezra Miller from The Justice League! 
I was still nervous about approaching a complete stranger asking this to confirm but I found some sort of bravery to go up and ask for his name. Ezra, he confirmed! And yes he played The Flash! As well as many other movies that I love. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Fantastic Beast and many more! He was as sweet as can be to take a photo with me. 
However, if you ask The Flash to take a photo, you may find yourself hiding in a tree with him 😂 

Till next time A Current Affair!


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