May 23, 2018

Date Ideas In NYC

Happy Wednesday! 
I hope this week is going well for you so far! Soon to be a 3 day weekend! Who’s excited!? 
Anywho! I wanted to share with you about my weekend going on a date in the city! 
Brian, my boyfriend and I only get to see each other on the weekends due to our conflicting schedules. When we do get the chance to spend time together, we try to go out and experience new things.

He asked me out to go to brunch in NYC and I couldn’t refuse! He surprised me by taking me to Senza Gluten, an Italian gluten-free restaurant located in the heart of Greenwich Village. Many of you may not know but I found out I was allergic to gluten 5 years ago so going out to eat can sometimes be a struggle. Outside Senza, it’s decorated with numerous flowers with a sit-down area and inside is a small intimate, warm atmosphere with a handful of tables and a bar. 

I ordered blueberry pancakes and Brian had the Flatbread pizza. I was only able to take a photo of the pancakes because we both devoured the pizza haha. We ended our meal with warm muffins and for some strange reason I got a blueberry muffin (Apparently I was craving blueberries) and Brian had a chocolate muffin. How beautiful is this muffin though! 

After Brunch, we walked around town a bit. There were a lot of wall murals and I stopped and took a photo in front of this beauty. We then hopped into an Uber to head back uptown to see an Off-Broadway show called Drunk Shakespeare. 

This was our second time seeing the show. It’s set in a library filled with what seems like thousands of books all organized by color. A group of five actors gather together in a Drunk History of sorts. One of them starts off the show with 4 shots and then performs the lead role. Once the 4 shots finally kick in, its just pure fun and mayhem. It’s honestly a hilarious performance and I highly recommend! 
That's all I have for now my loves!
Enjoy the rest of your week! 

Let me know if you know any other great date ideas!

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