Jun 20, 2018


Hi Loves! 

Back at it again with my favorite feminine care brand Lola. 
If you remember my Lola Tampon Review from earlier this year you would know that they are the best when it comes to having a healthy period with their organic tampons and cramp care line. 
Now they made Sex by Lola! They were so kind enough to send me their new line of Lube, Condoms and Cleansing Wipes.
I love the quote when you open the box that says, 
"Do what comes naturally (and when you do, we've got you covered.)"

Their Lube is gynecologist- approved formula made with organic aloe leaf juice that perfectly mimics your vaginas natural moisture for an increased pleasure while maintaining a healthy PH balance. 
It's mess free thanks to the awesome one-click pump system that helps not to ruin the mood. 
It's non- sticky, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, fertility-friendly and perfectly safe to use with condoms and toys. I tried it with one of my own toys and had no irritation. 
Lola for the win! 

The condoms come in a box of 12 and made with only three ingredients! 
They are a low-odor natural rubber latex made with 100% locally sourced medical-grade silicone oil & cornstarch powder. Its ultra-thin so it feels like its barely there. 

Perfect for every day, the cleansing wipes are made with 100% Bamboo and soaked in a purified water solution to help you feel clean and refreshed after the gym or the bedroom. 

My all-time favorite though may be the tote bag they also sent me that says Women Come First. Get it? I know you do! Wink Wink. 

Thank you once again to Lola for sending me their amazing new line! 
I feel so spoiled and loved by you! 

Till next time! 

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