Jun 6, 2018

The Five Points Festival

If you love anything that’s a mix of creepy and cute thrown into an art piece or toy then you, my friend, have come to the right place! 
This past weekend Brian and I attended the Five Points Festival at the Brooklyn Expo.

Pulling the better description from their website...

"The Five Points Festival is a collision of art, toys, counterculture, and craft beer curated by Clutter Magazine and Fueled by Lagunitas Brewing Company. A designer toy, comic art and craft beer convention in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint Neighborhood, Five Points is two days and nights of vinyl and plastic toys, original art, indie designers, resin, plush, blind boxes, blanks, minis, kaiju, Japanese vinyl, posters, prints, apparel, craft beer and more!"

It’s basically a comic con for artists and I couldn’t have felt more inspired and truly wanted to empty my bank account!
But, we on a budget and I like a roof over my head.

With the rows and rows of vendors, we made multiple rounds through the convention to make sure we didn’t miss anything! It was pretty overwhelming in the best way possible. 
Some of my favorite artists were ThisShitblinks, Mumbot, Nightly Made, Amanda Louise Spayd & Chris Ryniak of Bindlewood

KT Ferris at This Shit Blinks, who I've known for a few years, creates amazing jewelry that can double as protection thanks to all the spikes surrounding her baby doll eyes. She is always posting to her Instagram stories videos of herself making and designing new pieces. 

Jade of Mumbot can basically do it all it seems! She writes comics, sculpts, paints cute ghost illustrations, makes pottery and more! shes also a Moss collector she says! She told me how she had a presentation at her daughter's school teaching all about moss. My favorite character of hers is Mossy, a cute moss creature with adorable big eyes! I picked up this adorable painting of her ghost character as well as this cute Boo Boo sticker, Shumi Mushrumi sticker and Ghost Pin! 
I’m in love. 

Nightly Made by Megan O'Brien, hand makes these adorable dolls that I truly want to collect! 
She’s the true definition of Sugar, Spice and Everything Night! 
Her dolls are based off characters like this crow doll. She has such adorable jewelry and matching pins. I picked up these cute spider face earrings that are a smaller version of her pin. I love how she attempts to get over her fear of things like spiders by making them cute. We both agree that we’re still terrified and send our men after them while we run and hide! 

Photo from Amanda Louise Spayd Instagram @Amandalouisespayd 

Photo from Amanda Louise Spayd Instagram @Amandalouisespayd 
Photo from Amanda Louise Spayd Instagram @Amandalouisespayd

Amanda Louise Spayd makes Dust Bunny’s whos big eyes and crooked teeth make me want to squeeze and put it in my pocket forever! but I cant. It's like 10" tall!  Ha! I know I'm crazy but seriously look at the detail she puts into them! I walked away with this beautiful postcard print. I think it deserves a vintage or carved frame for sure. 

My new little Grumblethorn

Photo from Chris Ryniak's Instagram @chrisryniak

Photo from Chris Ryniak's Instagram @chrisryniak

Chris Ryniak has a thing for coming up with cute little critters and bringing them to life in both is illustrations and sculptures. They look so real and I honestly wish they could be like Toy Story and come to life. 

Both Amanda & Chris's Booth!
Photo was taken from @Amandalouisespayd 
I honestly can't wait to attend again next year as well as following what the above-mentioned artists do next! It was honestly so inspiring and makes me want to expand more within my own art! 
Oh! and here is a bit of a haul of things I got as well as was given for free and beautiful business cards that are works of art themselves from other artists I met. 

@pidgindoll @taramcpherson @motleymiscreations, ricstroh.com, zazatoybox.com, @plushplay @slimearchetype @sadsalesman @kctararuj creeping death robot club, @jellykoe, @designercon 

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