Aug 8, 2018

Lexi Mire- Custom Embroidered Hats

I love anything that has to do with Fashion but if there is a way to combine both Art and Fashion I am hooked!
I was on Pinterest browsing embroidery one day and stumbled upon pictures of these beautifully embroidered hats made by Lexi Mire of Mire Made
Her hats are made with love and each one is different from the next. I never felt I could consider myself a hat person because I felt I couldn't find the right hat until I found these beauties! 
I immediately subscribed to Lexi's email list to know when she would have another sale for the custom hats. She only has the sale every 1-2 months and they sell out within seconds! 

This summer once a week she has a handful of already 
premade ones that are ready to ship once you order.
I sent her a few reference images and told her I really wanted a red mushroom as the main focal point but to have fun making it. 
I strongly believe when you let an artist have full control of your custom piece with a handful of reference images, their artwork comes out waaaay better than you could imagine! 

 Thank you so much Lexi! 
I love this beauty! 

Sade' Paige

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