Aug 1, 2018

My 90's Toy & Video Game Collection

Hi Loves!
On my Instagram Stories @whatpaigeisit I made a poll asking if you would be interested in my Vintage 90's Toy and Video Game collection and the votes said yes!!
So I grabbed my camera, gathered all my childhood toys into my backpack and did a photo shoot outside in the park to relive the 90's! 

 Who remembers Furby's!!

 This was my first one! 
I loved this little guy so much until it would scare the shit out of me saying it was hungry in the middle of the night.

 These two are Beanie Babies (or similar too, they don't say TY on the tag) 

I picked up this grey one and this white one that's still in its box at a garage sale a few years ago! 
The box was a bit squished when I bought him but I still don't want to take him out.  

These Troll Dolls are actually my newest pieces in my collection. I wasn't allowed to have them as a kid but I took back my childhood by picking these beauties up from Spark Pretty Vintage Shop

 This wasn't a toy per say but an old Shampoo bottle of Flik and Dot from Bugs Life!  
I begged my mom not throw it out when I was little so I could keep it forever. Dot's Antenna broke off the curly part because they were so thin but she still looks cute!

I feel like this was my first ever camera my dad bought for me. From what I remembered, it wasn't good at taking photos. They always came out too dark, out of focus and not what I thought I was taking a picture of. Or I was young and didn't know how to work a camera. 

In honor of this Post, I got the chance to break out my old PlayStation and play Crash Bandicoot. 
My dad and I used to play this for hours when I was a little kid!
He's the one who got me into video games. We built a little bit of a collection over the years.
These are a handful of my all-time favorites! 
Bugs Life
Star Wars Rebel Assault II
Battle Arena Toshinden 
Tekken 3 
Crash Bandicoot

This Gameboy Color has a special place in my heart. The fact that I can see the inside of it is my favorite part about it. I didn't get too many games though. I've only ever had this Rayman game and a Snowboarding one.

This Hot Shot game was THE BEST! I would always try and play against my dad on who could get the most points before the timer ran out. Sadly though, it's missing a few pieces but it still works! 

 This jewelry box was and still is one of my favorite belongings. 
I broke the music part of it as a kid so it makes me sad that I can't hear the melody again. 
I used to want to be a ballerina because of her. 

 Wallace and Gromit were my favorite Claymation Movies! 
They had so many adventures together. My Aunt surprised me with the movie trilogy pack and I would watch them over and over again on VHS. 
This moving alarm clock plays their theme song and both Wallace & Gromit "wash" the clock. 

Who couldn't resist a Pokemon Giga Pet! 
It needs a new battery but I believe it still works! 

I honestly believe the toys in the 90's were made to last. 
Nowadays, it seems like things are just cheaply made and easily break. 
A lot of my electronics still work today and it's because I make sure to take good care of them.
Do you still have your 90's toys/games? 
Did you have any of the ones I have? 
Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I loved them and I love playing Pokemon on Gameboy!

    1. I always wanted the pokemon game! I need to google search and find one haha!